Magnolia Digital

Tap into the millennial market.



Innovative technology meets immersive event entertainment

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Innovative photo technology comes to the fore in our digital-ready photo experience.

Get set to give influencers and social-savvy guests the chance to show of their very best selfie.

Reimagine the headshot. With a digital photo booth, getting new headshots can actually be… fun! Headshots are used for everything from the company website to LinkedIn profile. Sadly, the majority of headshots are stale and boring. Not with Magnolia Digital.


Make your brand irresistable

Small in size, the Magnolia Digital packs a punch, capturing attention and delivering high definition images, GIFs and Boomerangs.

Fully brandable, the Magnolia Digital is the perfect choice for brand activations, giving you the freedom to create amazing user-generated content that consumers can’t resist sharing straight to their social channels.

fully customizeable

Magnolia Entertainment can fully customize the experience with bespoke animations, branding and more to ensure that guests are fully immersed in your story.

Digital Props

Say goodbye to messy prop tables and say hello to modern digital props! Using the latest in face detection technology, guests can enjoy an augmented reality experience putting on fun or branded digital props.


Let Magnolia Entertainment make the most of your event and leave guests wanting more.