Magnolia Mirror

Entertainment just got elevated with the Magnolia Mirror

Innovative technology meets immersive event entertainment

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Designed to captivate every guest in the room, the Magnolia Mirror takes photo booths to a whole new level! As guests walk up to the mirror, colorful animations and voice guidance encourage them to engage in a magical, interactive “selfie” experience presenting a photo keepsake.

Standing at over 6-foot tall, the Magnolia Mirror features the most cutting-edge photo technology available, hidden behind an impressive all-mirror touchscreen interface.


Showcase to Remember

Perfect for raising brand awareness and showcasing your event theme, the Magnolia Mirror allows up to 6 participants to pose, play, record GIFs and Boomerangs and capture spectacular selfies.

 And even better, everyone can look back and enjoy every magical moment and memory created with the on-glass photo gallery that displays every image, animated GIF and Boomerang captured at the event.


Personalize & Share

Magnolia Entertainment can customize the Mirror Booth with branded animations, stamps, filters, logos and hashtags that can all be added to the content created.

Working with each client we will create personalized, elegant templates and photo layouts that match your event theme.

The Magnolia Mirror features on-glass animations, games as well as quizzes and surveys that your guests will absolutely love interacting with.

And with the option to share images straight to social media – get ready to see your event take off online!

Digital Props

Say goodbye to messy prop tables and say hello to modern digital props! Using the latest in face detection technology, guests can enjoy an augmented reality experience putting on fun or branded digital props.

Let Magnolia Entertainment make the most of your event and leave guests wanting more.